How to Lock A Trailer So It Can’t Be Stolen: 25 Top Tips

While it’s unfortunate, trailer theft is an all too real possibility that you need to protect yourself from. Knowing how to lock your trailer so it can’t be stolen will keep your property safe and give you peace of mind when towing.

If you’re like most people, you probably use your trailer to haul around your valuable possessions. You can’t afford for someone to steal it, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions to safeguard your trailer.

In this article, we will discuss how to prevent trailer theft and provide tips on how to keep your belongings safe while they are in transit.

Follow these tips and you can rest assured that your possessions will be safe!

How To Lock Your Trailer So It Can’t Be Stolen

Knowing how to secure a trailer from theft isn’t difficult, and we’re glad you’re taking the time to learn a few easy ways to protect yourself from this all too common problem.

We’ll go through the top trailer anti theft devices that you can start using today.

Hitch Coupler Lock

hitch coupler lock
A trailer hitch coupler lock is the best way to secure a trailer from theft.

A hitch coupler lock is one of the best anti-theft trailer options out there because it prevents someone from hooking up to your trailer.

A hitch coupler lock attaches to your trailer’s coupler just like a trailer ball does and locks in place using a key.

Be sure to get the same size coupler lock that matches your trailer ball size.

Hitch Pin Lock

Locking Hitch Pin
A hitch pin lock will help keep your hitch accessories attached to your tow vehicle.

We always recommend using a hitch pin lock whether or not you’re using any of the other trailer security devices we’re covering in this guide.

Hitch pin locks lock your trailer accessory into place on your receiver hitch and cannot be removed without a key.

Be sure that the model of hitch pin lock you use matches your tow hitch receiver size.

Latch Pin Lock

latch pin lock
A hitch pin lock keeps your trailer from being stolen while increasing towing safety.

A latch pin lock is literally a lock that goes on the coupler’s latch pin mechanism, locking it down so you can’t fit the coupler on a hitch.

This is another item we would suggest to use no matter what other towing security options you decide on!

These are also extremely helpful as a general towing safety device to ensure the hitch lever doesn’t get flipped up during everyday towing.

It will also prevent someone from removing your trailer from your tow vehicle.

Wheel Chock Lock

Trailer Wheel Chock Lock
A wheel chock lock is one of the most common trailer theft prevention devices.

A wheel lock is an item that clams around your trailer’s wheel to prevent the tire from rolling.

It’s easy to use, doesn’t take up much space, and is extremely effective at deterring someone from stealing your trailer.

It’s not easy to remove without the key and would take some serious noise and power tools to take off without being noticed.

X-Chock Locks

x-chock locks for trailer
X-Chock locks stop trailer theft by locking the wheels from rolling.

X-Chock locks are useful if you have a double-axle trailer.

The X-Chock locks put pressure against each axle’s tire to keep them from moving, which is a pretty genius design.

However, there is no key lock on X-Chocks, only a ratchet, so anyone with a toolbox could thwart your trailer security efforts if they were smart.

To get around this, you can use a cable lock to secure the X-Chock lock to your wheels to get an affordable extra layer of security.

GPS Tracking System

trailer gps tracker
Putting a GPS tracker on your trailer can help you recover it in the event of a trailer theft.

There are many affordable trailer GPS tracking systems out there you can use, and this can be extremely helpful in recovering your stolen trailer.

You can even use a spare Apple AirTag or other inexpensive device to keep tabs on your trailer.

Just be sure to hide it out of sight, because trailer thieves will actively look for a GPS tracker if they take your trailer.

Add Special Markings Or Bright Colors To Your Trailer

cargo trailer with decals
Having easily identifiable decals on your trailer can help you to recover it faster if it’s stolen.

The more your trailer stands out, the easier it will be to spot… and the less desirable it will be for those who want to steal a trailer.

You can put large decals on your trailer or favorite sports team colors on the trailer.

Get creative and paint the rails or other small details that trailer thieves wouldn’t notice, but that you would so that you or the police can easily spot your trailer.

Install A Trailer Alarm

trailer alarm
Trailer alarms are excellent trailer anti theft devices

Trailer alarms are usually motion or pressure sensitive and will make loud noises and shine bright lights when the trailer is moved.

Some alarms can even send an alert to your smartphone for extra protection.

This can go a long way in keeping your trailer from getting stolen, and most trailer alarm systems are quite affordable.

Chain And Lock

padlock and chain
A padlock and chain are an old-school reliable way to lock a trailer.

It seems almost too simple to work, but we promise it does!

If you park your trailer next to something that you can put a chain around, such as a light post or fence, just loop that through and chain it to your trailer frame.

Don’t use cables for this, as most can be cut easily.

The thicker the chain, the better.

Park Wisely

brightly lit parking lot
Parking your trailer in a brightly lit area with high traffic will reduce trailer theft.

Always park your trailer in well-lit areas to keep it safe.

You can also block your trailer in with your tow vehicle if you have no other trailer security options available to you.

Additional Towing Security Options

Spare Tire Lock

spare tire lock
Trailer spare tire lock

A spare tire lock will help secure the spare tire for your trailer or tow vehicle.

This is an affordable and simple device that fits over one of the spare tire’s wheel bolts, keeping it locked to the vehicle so no one can remove it without a key.

Locking Trailer Tongue Box

locking trailer tongue box
A locking trailer tongue box is a great way to secure your trailer accessories.

Trailer tongue boxes mount to the front of your trailer’s frame and can allow you to store extra items you’ll need.

This is a great place to store any of the trailer theft prevention devices we listed above for use once you arrive at your destination.

Just make sure the trailer box actually has a locking mechanism on it too.

Cargo Bags With Locks For Cargo Carriers

If you’re using a cargo carrier that mounts on your rear receiver hitch, then a locking cargo bag is great for keeping everything secure on road trips.

Most of these bags zip shut and you can padlock the zippers together, making it harder for someone to get into your personal belongings.

Cable Lock For Bikes

Hitch Bike Carrier With Cable Lock
Always secure your bikes with a cable and lock.

If you’re using a bike rack with your hitch, we always recommend using both a hitch pin lock to keep the bike rack securely in the hitch, and a locking cable around your bikes to keep them safe.

Take The Ball Mount With You

Once you’re done towing and your trailer is disconnected, always take the ball mount out of your trailer hitch to keep it from getting stolen.

This will extend the life of your trailer ball mount as well by reducing it’s exposure to weather and the elements.

Cover It Up

trailer with tarp over it
A tarp is an inexpensive and easy way to secure a trailer from theft.

One of the easiest ways to theft proof a trailer is to keep prying eyes off of what you’ve got.

An inexpensive tarp and some bungee cords will help conceal what you’re towing and make it less attractive to theft.

Extra Tips

Secure Your Portable Generator From Theft

how to secure a generator with lock

Generators are a very high-theft item because they’re easy to carry off and sell for lots of money.

Take a bike lock or chain and secure the generator to your trailer or the bumper of your tow vehicle for an added layer of security.

Chain Up Your Propane Tanks

chains on propane tanks

Propane tanks are another common item that’s targeted in trailer thefts.

The empties sell easily and thieves will make off with them in seconds, leaving you with no fuel for your trip.

Take a few bucks and two minutes to secure lock propane tanks to your trailer frame with bike locks or chains and prevent this from happening to you.

Lock Up Your Surge Protector

It’s sad to say, but even your surge protector is at risk from being stolen.

Get a surge protector that has an eye loop in the casing so you can wrap a simple bike chain or cable around it with a lock to make sure it doesn’t go wandering off.

Other Accessories Are All Easy Grabs For Trailer Theft.

Take care to lock small or loose items down with cables or chains with padlocks to keep them from getting stolen off of your trailer.

It is affordable, only takes a moment to do, and is much better than spending the money to replace your stolen items.

Secure Your Travel Trailer Batteries

Travel trailer and camper batteries are very expensive and are a common target of thieves.

Use some affordable battery shackles to prevent them from getting stolen and keep yourself from getting stranded!

Keep Your Trailer Documents & Info Safe

Keep the trailer sale documents and other info like serial number, license plate number, and other key info in a safe place.

Take Photos

It’s a great idea to keep photos of your trailer, any cargo, and even the documents we mentioned above so you can provide easy details to law enforcement in the event someone steals your trailer.

Insure Your Trailer And Property

Make sure you have your trailer properly insured so you’re not left holding the bag is someone successfully makes off with your trailer.

Report Trailer Theft Right Away

Let the police know as soon as possible after a trailer theft so you can increase the chances of recovery.

Trailer Hitch Locks: Wrapping Up Our Guide

We hope you found this guide helpful and that it gives you the information you need to keep your trailer safe from theft.

Remember, a little prevention goes a long way in protecting your investment.

Have any other helpful tips in keeping your trailer secure? Let us know in the comments below.

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