Nissan Titan Towing Capacity by Year (2004-2023)

The Nissan Titan was introduced into Nissan’s lineup as a full-size pickup in 2004 and remains available through the 2023 model year. The Titan is known for its performance and for having the features consumers expect from today’s trucks, including towing. But what is the towing capacity of a Nissan Titan?

The Nissan Titan has a max towing capacity of up to 12,760 pounds depending on the year, trim level, cab size, bed length, axle type, hitch type, and whether or not it has a towing package installed.

There’s a bit more to know about Nissan Titan towing capabilities which we’ll cover in today’s guide.

Nissan Titan Towing Capacity By Year

How much weight can a Nissan Titan tow is up to 112,760 lbs.
How much weight can a Nissan Titan tow is up to 12,760 lbs.

The Titan has been in production from 2004 through the present, and we’ve listed out the maximum tow capacity by year below for reference.

Note that for each model year, there are many variables that affect the total towing capability of each vehicle year, so we recommend checking your specific Titan vehicle year for an in-depth guide and to get the most accurate information.

Here are the maximum towing capacity for Nissan Titan by year:

2023 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,323 pounds

2022 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,320 pounds

2021 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,370 pounds

2020 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,370 pounds

2019 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,660 pounds

2018 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,740 pounds

2017 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,730 pounds

2016 Nissan Titan XD Tow Capacity: 12,313 pounds

2015 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2014 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2013 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2012 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2011 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2010 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2009 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2008 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2007 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2006 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2005 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

2004 Nissan Titan Tow Capacity: 9,500 pounds

You can also read our guide on what makes a vehicle towing capacity to learn all the aspects that go into it.

Here’s a video showing the Nissan Titan being put to a real-world towing test:

Nissan Titan Braked Vs. Unbraked Towing Capacity

All vehicles have different towing capacities based on whether or not you’re towing a trailer that has trailer brakes installed.

Trailer brakes allow the trailer to stop faster than if only the vehicle is using its brakes, allowing the vehicle to tow more weight, so braked towing capacity will always be higher than unbraked towing capacity.

Nissan Titan Braked Towing Capacity: Up to 12,313 lbs.

Nissan Titan Unbraked Towing Capacity: 3,500 lbs.

Nissan Titan Towing Capacity Factors

There are a few factors that affect the Nissan Titan tow capacity.

Model Year

The Titan’s tow capability varied a bit by year and generation.

The middle model years had some of the highest towing capability, reaching over 12,000 pounds when properly equipped, while earlier years topped out at 9,500 pounds.

Trim Level

Certain trim levels had access to specific cab sizes, bed lengths, engine options, and towing packages, which affected how much weight the Nissan Titan can pull.

Trailer Hitch Type

Certain years of the Nissan Titan had specific tow ratings for gooseneck hitches and standard receiver hitches.

The gooseneck trailer hitch tow ratings were usually close to 1,000 pounds higher.

Cab Size

Whether or not the Nissan Titan had a Crew Cab or King Cab can also affect how much it can pull.

Axle Type (2WD vs 4WD)

The axle type on your Nissan will play a part in how much weight you can tow with it. Typically, 2WD versions of the Titan can pull around 200 pounds more than 4WD versions.

Towing Package

Many years of the Nissan Titan tow specifications had significantly higher tow ratings if you had the Titan towing package installed.

Number of Passengers

A big factor in calculating your vehicle’s towing capacity is how many passengers you’re carrying, which directly calculates into the vehicle’s GCWR.

This is true of all vehicles, not just the Nissan Titan, so always take into consideration the total load of your passengers and gear in addition to what you’re towing.

Wheel Base Length

For the 2008-2015 model years, Nissan also specified the tow ratings based on the wheel base length, with the shorter wheel base models being able to pull more weight than the long wheel base models.

Nissan Titan Tow Package Info

2017 Nissan Titan XD
How much can a Nissan Titan tow is up to 12,760 pounds.

Does The Nissan Titan Have A Tow Package?

Nissan offers a few different factory-installed hitches, including a receiver hitch or a gooseneck hitch (the gooseneck hitch is available only on the Titan XD).

The Nissan Titan also offers the additional helpful towing features as options which vary by trim level and configuration:

  • Around View Monitor
  • Remote Trailer Light Check
  • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller
  • Tow Mirrors
  • Trailer Sway Control
  • Tow-Haul Mode

Can You Install A Trailer Hitch On a Nissan Titan?

rear view of nissan titan
How much weight can a Nissan Titan pull is 12,760 pounds.

If you plan on towing anything with your Nissan Titan, you’ll need a tow hitch and wiring harness.

Depending on what you’re towing, you’re going to need a ball mount (aka a trailer ball hitch) so you can attach items for towing.

Make sure to get the right trailer ball size that matches your hitch and trailer.

Nissan Titan Tow Hitch

Trailer hitches come in different hitch classes, which are rated for different vehicle sizes and weight limits.

The Nissan Titan uses a Class 4 hitch.

Here’s a great option for a Class IV Nissan Titan trailer hitch:

Draw-Tite 41551 Class 4 Trailer Hitch, 2 Inch Receiver, Black, Compatible with 2004-2015 Nissan Titan
  • The longer side bracket design distributes the towing load over a greater portion of the tow vehicle frame, ideal for trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles
  • A-Coat base with black powder coat finish and solid all-welded construction for maximum strength and safety
  • Rated up to 6,000 lbs. (GTW) Weight Carrying (WC) and up to 10,000 lbs. (GTW) Weight Distributing (WD)
  • Custom built according to Manufacturer & Model year ensures perfect fit and top towing performance
  • Computer-aided design and fatigue stress testing designed to withstand road abuse within specified capacities

Here’s a great ball mount option so you can hook up different types of trailers for towing with your Titan:

CURT 45148 Trailer Hitch Mount, 2-Inch Ball, Pin, Fits 1-1/4-In Receiver, 3,500 lbs, 3-1/4" Drop, GLOSS BLACK POWDER COAT
  • DEPENDABLE STRENGTH. Rated to tow 3,500 pounds gross trailer weight and 350 pounds tongue weight, this ball hitch offers dependability for your towing setup (weight capacity may change if trailer ball is removed)
  • VERSATILE USE. This trailer hitch ball mount comes with a 1-1/4-inch shank to fit virtually any industry-standard 1-1/4-inch receiver. The ball mount has a 3-1/4-inch drop, 2-inch diameter ball, 1/2-inch hitch pin hole and 7-1/4-inch overall length
  • READY TO TOW. Hitching up your trailer is easy with this ready-to-use trailer hitch ball mount. It comes with a pre-attached tow ball for ready coupling and a trailer hitch pin to securely mount onto your hitch receiver
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT. For long-lasting use, this ball hitch is protected with a durable black powder coat finish, and the trailer ball has a polished chrome plating. These finishes resist damage from rain, dirt, road salt and other corrosive threats
  • EASY TO INSTALL. To install the trailer hitch ball mount on your vehicle, simply insert the shank into your vehicle's 1-1/4-inch hitch receiver. The rounded shank makes installation easy

Nissan Titan Trailer Hitch Installation

If you’re considering having a tow hitch added to your Titan, expect to pay between $100 and $200 to have a tow package professionally installed (excluding the cost of the tow hitch and wiring harness).

If you’re handy and looking to save money, you can install the trailer hitch and wiring harness yourself.

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions and use proper safety precautions.

Here’s a great video walkthrough on a Nissan Titan trailer hitch installation:

Hitch Receiver Vs Rear Step Bumper Towing

Some vehicles allow for bumper towing, which means you can mount a tow hitch ball directly on the bumper instead of installing a tow hitch to the vehicle’s frame.

Can I Bumper Tow With a Nissan Titan?

The Nissan Titan step bumper is considered a Class III ball mount, so you can tow up to 8,000 pounds on the Nissan Titan when bumper towing, depending on the model year and configuration.

Consult your Nissan Titan owner’s manual for specific bumper towing limits.

How Do I Know If My Nissan Titan Has A Tow Package?

nissan titan towing a camper
The Nissan Titan can tow up to 12,760 pounds.

You can start by looking under the rear bumper of your Titan to see if you notice a trailer hitch or trailer ball.

That will give you a good indication of if you have a tow hitch already installed on your Titan.

Another way to research this is by checking the paperwork that came with your vehicle or taking it to a local dealer to see what’s installed.

Make sure to have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) handy if you call the dealer so they can look up the exact specs and whether or not your vehicle has any towing packages or features installed on it.

Data Accuracy

We’ve gathered all data represented here from the official Nissan Titan Owner’s Manuals on Nissan’s site and have checked all data thoroughly for accuracy.

Having said that, we still recommend you refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual yourself before towing with your Nissan Titan.

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